Finding the perfect piece of jewelry is more than falling in love with a specific cut or style. Here at Elite Fine Jewelry Crafting, custom jewelry design gives you the opportunity to truly find the one-of-a-kind piece you’ve been looking for. As a family-owned and operated business, we have spent years honing our craft and making our customers smile. We treat each and every customer as if they were part of our own family, doing everything we can to ensure the final piece is exactly what you had in mind. We put 100 percent into each and every piece of jewelry and client – which is something that sets us apart from our competitors.

Beyond understanding the basics of different jewelry styles and settings, we have extensive knowledge pertaining to jewelry design. From basic pendant styles and clasp styles to the latest trends in bracelet design and ring settings, we are here for you throughout every step of the design process. Our jewelers have years of combined experience, something that has allowed us to provide quality custom jewelry designs for a wide range of clients. Whether you have been holding onto a precious stone that has been in your family for years or you’ve stopped wearing a ring because the setting just isn’t quite right, we encourage you to bring it into Elite Fine Jewelry Crafting. Our team will work closely with you to create a piece that is designed just for you – and no one else. We know how special jewelry is and will do everything we can to provide you with the piece you’ve always dreamed about.

About Our Custom Jewelry Designs

If you are looking for a particular design or setting, you’ve come to the right place. Elite Fine Jewelry Crafting offers a wide range of options for those looking for the perfect piece of jewelry. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry! Our team is here to help you make those tough decisions and find the right design and style for your specific piece. We are happy to answer any questions and to offer our expertise and guidance. Here is a look at some of the most common designs we offer:

  • Center Settings – When designing a custom jewelry design, the center stone is often the most important part. There are several different types of settings that work well with center jewelry designs, including basket setting, double prong basket setting, and claw prong basket setting. All will provide you with a simple yet elegant custom piece that will never go out of style.
  • Pendants and Bailes – There are several different ways we can create custom pendants and bailes (the piece that attaches the pendant to the chain). Some of the most popular designs include a bezel set pendant, shared prong cluster pendant, French V split halo pendant, and basket pendant with rabbit ear bail.
  • Clasp Styles – Finding the right clasp is one of the most important – and challenging – aspects of jewelry design. Everyone is different, which means that what works for one client is often not ideal for another. In order to ensure you are able to wear your piece of jewelry comfortably and without worry of it falling off, consider one of the following clasp options:
    • Hook and eye clasp
    • Box clasp
    • Bar and ring toggle clasp
    • S hook clasp
    • Lobster clasp
  • Chain Styles – Last but certainly not least, it is imperative you find the right chain for your custom piece jewelry. We offer several different options, including ball chains, box chains, omega chains, and wheat chains.

To learn more about Elite Fine Jewelry Crafting custom jewelry design options, please do not hesitate to give us a call or come by our store. We take great pride in helping our clients find the right style and setting for their one-of-a-kind piece, and are happy to do the same for you. Whether you have something specific in mind or would like to sit down with one of our jewelry designers and create the perfect piece together, we are here for you.