Computer Aided Design (CAD) revolutionized the industry in many ways. Engineered fitting, precision, and symmetry are few key elements that all bench Jewelers will appreciate when piece is in hand for setting phase. Our In-house designers are certified in the latest jewelry CAD software and are sent out for Seminars semiannually to stay up to date with the latest in the CAD/CAM technology for Jewelry concept needs.

Why CAD?

  • Precision
  • Symmetry
  • Diamonds CTW control
  • Estimated weight – helps in estimations of jobs
  • Clean cutout
  • Saving designs for line productions with resize at ease

More on that, within 2 business days of submitting the design we are able to render the module in order for your client to enjoy looking at the rendered images in different views.

All rendering will have your company logo which will be requested at the beginning of your first project with us.

All modifications and changes are to be done in parallel to the rendering phase. Once approved ring heads to production. services translate the CAD 3dm or stl file to our high precision 3D printers to bring the design to life in a WAX format.