For over 20 years, the élite, Fine Jewelry Crafting, team has been providing jewelers with the finest high quality jewelry, through creative design, leading-edge technology, and delicate craftsmanship. Our customers count on élite, and trust that élite will deliver the complete manufacturing solution, with the highest quality, and personal service, that they deserve. élite serves jewelers, and jewelry line manufacturers nationwide, and offers extremely competitive, and comprehensive services including:

  • Creative Design
  • CAD
  • 3D Printing/Prototyping
  • Casting (Gold, Platinum, Silver)
  • Stone Setting
  • Finishing
  • Diamond Supply, Melee and Lose Stones
  • Repairs, Laser and Conventional

élite ,Fine Jewelry Crafting, has the expertise and capacity to produce single custom designs as well as complete mass-production lines. We want our customers to focus on selling while we take care of the rest, transforming concepts to creation…